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Latest Update!
22/03/13 -  Over 180 pictures of Symphony in her LLC and Dave in his SLC!
Watch symphony get her toes sucked, see a Male casted and watch as he licks more than just her toes!
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Louise broken leg cast
Symphony LLC dave slc
plaster leg cast plaster long leg cast
Long leg cast long leg cast
cast fetish long leg cast sexy lady in a long leg cast
plaster leg cast plaster long leg cast
short arm cast short leg cast slc sac
Dizzy Long Leg Cast Sexy Dizzy in a Long Leg Cast
 woman with a long leg cast woman with broken leg in a cast
Brooke Nina
short leg cast short leg cast long leg cast and short leg cast short leg cast short arm cast
About is the UK's oldest cast fetish and casting fetish website.  We love to feature sexy women in both plaster arm casts and plaster leg casts, as well as fiber leg casts and fiber arm casts. So if your a fan of the Short Leg Cast (SLC), Long Leg Cast (LLC), Short Arm Cast (SAC) or Long Arm Cast (LAC) castedangel  is the place to be.  We understand that hot sexy women in casts is not enough, and we want this website to be driven by you, so if you want something specific to help you indulge in your fetish for plaster casts or fiberglass casts let us know.  We will always try and accomodate any picture requests.